Mariko Gelman is contemporary multidisciplinary Ukrainian artist based in Prague.

Alumni of Clinical Psychoanalysis School (member of Clinical Psychoanalysis Association), co-author of photo project EXPOSURE (World Press photo award), hero of a documentary "Mariia and Fukushima" (by Kansai Telecasting Corp., Japan), author of "Serial artist blog" on Youtube.

Working with painting, drawing, installation, performance.

As a person with special needs Mariko for many years works in the areas of self-sufficiency, finding own viewpoint, loneliness, ability to recover. She spent a lot of time on the projects related to Fukushima. In addition to exhibitions Mariko also conducted some events for families displaced from Fukushima. Starting from July 2022 she is working in Japan on glass installation “Transparency: Japan”.

Selected exhibitions:

2023: “Cosmogony of meanings”, the Korsaks’ Museum of the Contemporary Ukrainian Art (MSUMK), Lutsk, Ukraine;
2023: Installation “Transparency: Japan” moved for permanent exhibition to おれたちの伝承館・もやい展 (“Our folklore museum/Moyai exhibition”), Minamisoma, Japan;
2023: “BeLive”, Volkskundemuseum Wien, Vienna, Austria;
2022: “One Day After”, Imagine Point gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2022: Exhibition for supporting Ukraine, Tokyo Opera City Tower, Tokyo, Japan;
2022: “AWAKES”, ARTS CHIYODA 3331, Tokyo, Japan;
2022: “The IFA Exhibition, Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan;
2022: “Moyai: next”, Azamino Art Forum, Yokohama, Japan;
2022: “Before and after”, 3 days of design festival, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2022: "Transit Zone. Exit gate № 2022”, gallery "Mytets", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2022: ‘Either / Or - Those Remote Days’, Suning Art Museum, Shanghai;
2021: HiBNL, Illustration biennial, Haifa, Israel;
2021: “ArtApel”, St. Barbora church, Vsekary, Czech Republic;
2021: “Visiocraty”, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine;
2021: Grafika Roku, Prague, Czech Republic; 2021: Mithogenesis land art festival, Ukraine;
2020: Lviv Art Week, Lviv, Ukraine;
2020: SANSARA: III Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest 2020, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine;
2020: “#Sparkling2020” in Catalogue Florence Contemporary Gallery Issue 2, Florence, Italy;
2020: FOL`GA street art gallery, Injection, Lviv, Ukraine;
2020: “Pop Art Ukraine”, Portal 11 gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2020: "Nature: Morte?", Beam collective, Tel Aviv, Israel;
2020: “Obserwation”, White World gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2020: “Another Time”, Quarantine residency, Istanbul, Turkey;
2020: ‘We are all at home”, The International Convention Center "Ukrainian House", Kyiv, Ukraine;
2020: “Anticipation+Immunity”, the Korsaks’ Museum of the Contemporary Ukrainian Art (MSUMK), Lutsk, Ukraine;
2019: “Back to Heaven 101”, Sova space, Lviv, Ukraine;
2019: Kyiv Art Week, Kyiv, Ukraine:
2019: "Genesis", Tancici Dum Gallerie, Prague, Czech Republic;
2019: "Affects", Zefirina Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2019: "Agenda", Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine;
2019: EXPOSURE project, SAI gallery, Osaka, Japan;
2019: Windows, Museum of History of Kiev, Ukraine;
2019: Grafika roku, Clam-Gallasuv palace, Prague, Czech Republic;
2019: "A4, Ballpoint", Ballad of Love, Karas Gallery Kiev, Ukraine;
2018: 7th Guanlan International Print Biennial, China;
2018: "Genesis", palazzo Velli, Rome, Italy;
2018: Haifa Illustrator`s Biennial, Haifa, Israel;
2018: "Fixation", Triptych Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;
2018: Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, TAMA University, Tokyo, Japan;
2018: Transparency installation, Naftalin Contemporary Art project, History of Kiev museum;
2017: “I As Another”, Wave collective, London, UK;
2017: 6th Guanlan International Print Biennial, China;
2017: “Kyiv landscape”, Museum of history of Kiev, Ukraine;
2016: EXPOSURE, Gallery "Off Greed", Fukushima, Japan;
2016: EXPOSURE, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan;
2016: “A4, Ballpoint”, KARAS Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;
2016: ‘Event Horizon”, National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine;
2016: International Biennale of Fashion Illustration “IMAGO”, gallery «XX? SPACE»;
2016: “Kyiv landscape”, KARAS Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;
2014: Aarhus festuge, Aarhus, Denmark;
2014: Installation Ukrainian spring, National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine;

Co-author of EXPOSURE project (World Press Photo award 2016)

Main hero in a television documentary “Mariia and Fukushima” by Kansai Telecasting Corp. (Japan).

Represented in 101 gallery (Lviv), Karas gallery (Kiev), Tryptych gallery (Kiev). Artworks in Brovdi Art collection, Abramovych Art, Guanlan Museum and private collection in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, China, Czech Republic, USA, Czech Republic and Israel.

Щоиздат, Ручки Марико
Громадське радіо, Деконтамінація
cedra, Між Чорнобилем та Фукусімою
inkyiv, Склала в селі дві палички в хрест

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